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Cornerstone Bank was originally chartered in 1902 under the name “First National Bank of West Union” as a national banking association serving primarily the citizens of Doddridge, Harrison, and Ritchie Counties in the state of West Virginia. The original Board of Directors of the First National Bank of West Union in 1902 were as follows: J.B. Markey, D.P. Stout, A. A. Bee, J.N. Markey S.P. Smith, Virgil I. Allen, and W.J. Traugh. The Bank was subsequently reorganized in accordance with the Bank Conservation Act, under the name “First National Bank of West Union” in 1933.

It was not until July 18, 2003 that Cornerstone Financial Services was formed for the sole purpose of becoming a bank holding company through an exchange of common stock, acquiring all of the stock of the “First National in West Union”. The Plan of Share Exchange was consummated at the close of business on December 31, 2003. Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc. had no other subsidiaries other than “First National Bank of West Union”.

On December 1, 2006 the “First National Bank of West Union” was converted from a national bank charter to a West Virginia state charter bank and renamed Cornerstone Bank. Cornerstone Bank employees have 356 years of combined banking experience, serving the financial service needs of our community by offering retail and commercial loans along with deposit service products.